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What is a Capability Statement and why do I need one for my business?

A capability statement is a professional marketing document that reflects your core competencies, achievements, accreditations, personnel and experiences as a business. It is a communication tool designed to showcase your business capabilities to potential business partners, stakeholders, suppliers, contractors, customers and government entities. A capability statement can be referred to as a business resume.

A capability statement targets audiences with specific and relevant information about your business that will assist them in making the decision on whether they should work with your company. When written correctly, a capability statement is a powerful tool that can differentiate your business from your competitors and reinforce your business brand and value proposition in the minds of existing and potential new customers.

It is a communication tool that can open doors of opportunity for your business. It lets your targeted audience know what your core capabilities are as a business in terms of services you offer and competencies of delivering those services.

A capability statement should be an essential piece of kit in your marketing tool kit, where you have it on hand to send out when opportunity presents itself.

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